Rhode Island Medigap from June 2010

Benefits and changes in Rhode Island Medicare supplement insurances from June 1, 2010

1)?? Medigap policies purchased before June 1, 2010 remain unchanged. You can keep those policies active by paying regular premiums, no need to quit the Plans.

2)?? Medigap policies for sale in Rhode Island are ten standardized policies identified by letters A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N.

3)?? Medigap Policy plans taken on or after June 1, 2010 will benefit the coverage of Plan A coinsurance.

4)?? Plan A bought from one insurance company offers same coverage as Plan A of another.

5)?? Plan K will cover 50% of the cost and 75% by Plan L.

6)?? Plans M and N are new plans offered for sale. Both the plans have low premiums. Plan M and Plan N have 15-30% low premiums than the Montana Supplement Plan F.

7)?? Plans D and G are different from the previous Plans D and G before June1, 2010.

8)?? For those who already bought Plans E, H, I and J can still carry on with these, but from June 1, 2010 these plans are not available with insurance companies.

9)?? Medicare supplement insurance companies must offer plan A for sale.

10)?????????????? Medicare supplement insurance companies offering any other Plan must also give either Plan C or Plan F.

11)?????????????? Plan F has a distinguishing high deductible Plan F option.

12)?????????????? Preventive care and home recovery benefits are removed from all the plans in the standard Rhode Island supplement insurance plans.