Rhode Island Supplemental Plans

Rhode Island Medicare supplement insurance is also called as Medisup or Medigap. Original Medicare plan and Medigap policies can together compensate in shares the total health care coverage. Medigap policies are urged to follow Federal and state laws.

Enrollment in Medicare A and B is mandatory to join any Medicare Supplement insurance policy.

You need to pay a monthly premium for Medigap policy along with the monthly premium for Medicare.

Medigap policy is standardized and identified by letters from A to N.

Medigap policies have changed the plans and benefits with effective on or after June 2010.These benefits are useful and offer options to cover the health care cost which original Medicare does not bear.

Medigap policy provided by health insurance companies have to offer Plan A along with any other Medigap policy.

Medicare Supplement insurance policy does not cover Prescription Drugs. You need to buy Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage.

Medicare supplement insurance is different from Medicare Advantage plans.

Join a Rhode Island Medigap policy

Before joining a Medigap policy it is essential to know your requirements which need to be covered.

The following points must be checked before you join the right Medigap policy –

  • Monthly premium
  • Prescription coverage
  • Coinsurance
  • Copayments
  • Blood tests
  • Skilled nursing coverage